At Plutora, we’re always looking for opportunities to educate and empower of clients to achieve greater enterprise IT success. At the same time, we work very hard to maintain a corporate culture of humility and learnedness.

We value our clients not just for the financial opportunities that they present for our company, but also for the lessons they stand to teach us. Over the years, we’ve acquired a great deal of knowledge and experience-tested wisdom from our clients. In this post, I have the privilege of sharing with you 10 of the most valuable release management metrics followed by our clients:

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Key Release Management Metrics 

1.  Number of Changes pending future system releases (Backlog)

2.  Number of Successful Changes within a Release

3.  Number of Failed Changes in a Release (Percentage of Failed Changes)

4.  Number of Outages Caused by a Release

5.  Number of Incidents Caused by a Release

6.  Percentage of Changes within the Release that cause Incidents

7.  Percentage of Releases delivered on time for QA / Test

8.  Percentage of Releases delivered on time for Production

9.  Percentage of Releases by Priority or Type

10. Total Release Downtime in Hours

It should be noted that some of these metrics are also considered Change Management Metrics. To read about the common mistakes made with relation to reporting on release metrics read our blog post, Release Reporting Metrics. You can also source more information on post-release metrics here.

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