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Jenkins and Plutora integrate

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Plutora is pleased to announce our new Jenkins self-service adaptor. Jenkins has become the default enterprise standard for continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD). With the release of our new Plutora Jenkins adaptor, we bridge the gap between best-of-breed release and environment management capabilities and release automation.



Our Jenkins plugin supports enterprise teams across the world in strengthening their DevOps enabling capabilities. Best of all it takes 10mins to setup the integration.

Plutora Jenkins Integration

Typical use cases for the Plutora/Jenkins plugin include (not limited to):

1: Test/QA teams can perform self-service ‘code and release deployments’ to test environments when it suits their testing schedule.

2: Teams want to track all changes to the state of a test environment include configuration and build versions to ensure testing is valid and prior run test cases are invalidated.

3: DevOps orchestration nirvana, linking test and release tracking with auto deployments from a single view.

Now, Plutora integrates with Jenkins, to bring you easy-to-set-up, one-click environment creation on the fly.

See how easy it is to integrate Jenkins with Plutora.

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