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Plutora breaks down the Wall of Confusion

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In most organizations a wall of confusion exists between business stakeholders and IT teams as well as between different IT teams and IT vendors. The wall of confusion arises from the multiple fragmented processes and tools that exist between various teams within organizations. These fragmented processes and tools, often in the form of proprietary spreadsheets, uncontrolled documents and disjointed emails result in a situation where there is no consistent view of the priority of enhancements, no published product roadmap, multiple dated release schedules and IT environment contention.

The wall of confusion is heightened by geographically dispersed teams, outsourced teams, multi-sourced teams and the increasing expectations businesses are placing on IT teams to deliver changes faster to their customers. The more complex the operating environment becomes the greater the likelihood of fragmented processes, disjointed tools and information buried deep within organizational silos. Decision-making under these situations leads to costly errors.

The typical response to the wall of confusion is to increase the number of people in the Program Management Office and hire more Release Managers, Environment Managers and Implementation Managers.

The wall of confusion results in increased cost of IT changes and IT enhancements within the organization. The risk of release failure also increases because the participants in the release are not executing according to a common plan and consistent information. Productivity is severely impacted and the number of growth initiatives that can be executed with fixed budget is reduced. The overall cost of regulatory compliance programs is also increased.

Plutora breaks down the wall of confusion and addresses these issues through a common understanding of all elements of the release process. Plutora increases productivity and enables more changes to be deployed at lower cost.

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