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Plutora’s Real Benefit: Fewer Meetings

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Release managers understand what it means to have a triple-booked Outlook calendar.  They have calendars subject to rapid last-minute changes as project timelines slip and environments issues cause a series of fire-drill emergencies to be solved right now. Most release managers spend all day, every day in a series of meetings trying to glean the truth from project teams having little time to record information in ad-hoc Excel spreadsheets.

This is what the pandemonium of release management without Plutora looks like.  It is an Outlook calendar full of meetings, meetings about meetings, overlapping meetings, meetings for developers to complain about BMC Remedy, and meetings to respond to downtime caused by environment contention and preparation issues.  In summary, the calendar shown below is the disaster that most release managers are familiar with. There’s not even time to eat lunch this schedule is so busy.

This is your Outlook calendar without Plutora

With Plutora your schedule has fewer meetings because Plutora is connected to the systems that are capturing project status continuously. Instead of having to sit in on project meetings just to understand what is happening, your master release schedule in Plutora is going to be updated as issue status is updated. Your environment managers are going to address environment contention and conflicts before they become a problem, and your teams will spend less time dealing with outages and more time on proactive planning informed by accurate reports. Developers won’t need to be trained on how to file BMC Remedy change requests because Plutora can automate these connections.

This is your Outlook Calendar on Plutora

More important than all of that, with Plutora you can have lunch without feeling guilty for missing more meetings.

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