Clearing the Software Testing Bottleneck

01-11-2017 – Taking a fresh look at how teams can work better together will ensure that testing isn’t a bottleneck, but rather a catalyst for delivering software faster, says Bob Davis, Plutora CMO.


The glitch economy: Counting the cost of software failures

30-10-2017 – Software glitches happen every day, but modern enterprise release management technology can help businesses to better match development to delivery, says Dalibor Siroky, Plutora CEO.

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Plutora is a Top 20 Influential Brand for Release Management

31-01-2017 – Plutora Release Manager, the industry-leading platform, has received a vote of confidence from the release management community, with the announcement of Electric Cloud’s Top 20 Vendors in Release Management.

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5 release management tools for your DevOps strategy

15-01-2017 – DevOps, a culture that emphasises the collaboration and communication of software developers and IT professionals, is becoming an increasingly important part of a software building strategy.

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Macquarie Capital backs expat Aussie startup Plutora with $18.5m raising

21-12-2016 – Expat Australian tech start-up Plutora has raised $US13.4 million ($18.5 million) in its first external funding round, from Macquarie Capital, as it starts to generate global interest from big name clients.

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Macquarie Bank funds Plutora push into Europe

21-12-2016 – Australian enterprise tech firm Plutora has landed a $US13.4m ($18.5m) funding round from Macquarie Bank, money it says will allow it to push into Europe and drive a customer land grab.

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Plutora won two awards: "2016 Greatest Potential Award" and "The B2B Enterprise Award"

11-10-2016 – Tech23 is one of the few truly national forums where Australian achievements can be recognised and celebrated…

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Test Management in the Age of Smartwatches

14-09-2016 – Real-time test metrics on any form factor is the next generation of test management says Sean Hamawi, CEO, Plutora…

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New DevOps Partners: @USTGlobal and @Plutora

07-01-2015 – Plutora, Inc., a global provider of enterprise release management and test environment management SaaS solutions, designed to accelerate the end-to-end software…

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Some Aussie businesses using DevOps to improve customer engagement and reduce IT spend: report

31-10-2014 – DevOps goals of organisations include increasing business efficiency, increasing customer satisfaction and driving value to the business through introducing new capabilities…


Enterprise Release Management and Test Environment SaaS Solutions

01-09-2014 – Headquartered in Mountain View, California, Plutora provides enterprise release management and test environment SaaS solutions to clients in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific…

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DevOps to improve customer engagement and reduce IT spend

01-09-2014 – Fifty per cent of 100 Australian companies surveyed who use DevOps had increased their customer engagement, while 48 per cent reported reduced IT spending, according to the results of a new survey…

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Plutora defines its enterprise devops role as release, test and deployment management

25-10-2014 – The company claims to have the antidote for large enterprises seeking to adopt newer agile and devops IT and application release processes, but must do so while maintaining legacy infrastructure, processes and personnel…

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Four Aussie vendors on worldwide "Cool" list

20-05-2014 – Four Australian companies have earned worldwide attention by being named in Gartner’s Cool Vendors list for 2014…

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Never Release Without Environmental Factors

14-05-2014 –Plutora Test Environment Manager arrives this month as a cloud-based test environment application. The firm claims to be the only cloud SaaS provider on the market that brings together Enterprise Release Management…

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Straight Up Startup Featuring Sean Hamawi, Director & Co-Founder, Plutora, Inc.

12-12-2013 – Sean Hamawi is co-founder and director of Plutora, Inc., an Australia-based SaaS provider that enables companies to manage their enterprise IT pipeline, enterprise IT releases and IT environments with an…

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Avaya Expands Cloud Portfolio with Collaboration and Communications Tool

20-11-2013 – Plutora, the company that produces a SaaS-based application to manage software releases, released the latest Enterprise Release Manager version 2.0, a cloud based on demand tool to control software releases…


Plutora hopes to ease test environment woes

22-10-2013 – Enterprise management software provider releases souped-up tool to help companies take control of test environments…

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Plutora releases Test Environment Manager

22-10-2013 – Enterprise release management software vendor, Plutora, has released its Plutora Test Environment Manager platform….

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Plutora Updates Enterprise Release Manager Platform to Improve Your Software Release Management

18-10-2013 – The ability to trigger the deployment, the ability to track release management capabilities, and the ability to successfully repeat this process to deploy continuous software releases is a cumbersome process for any IT administrator…

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Behind the Software Q&A with Plutora Co-Founders

16-10-2013 – Within the relatively new discipline of release management, teams rely on intricate platforms and complicated procedures to coordinate software releases. Australian startup Plutora is revolutionizing the industry…

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Plutora announces updates to Enterprise Release Manager Platform

01-10-2013 – Plutora, the leader in enterprise release management software, today announced the availability of Plutora Enterprise Release Manager version 2.0…

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High Flying Plutora Heralds the Recognition of DevOps

30-09-2013 – DevOps as a term is one of those IT labels that is spoken about by the cognoscenti, but largely ignored by the real people who matter, enterprise IT. However, the ethos that underlies the DevOps term…

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Guest Post: 5 Ways to Avoid Test Slippage

30-09-2013 – Poor test environment management is often the common denominator when testing on large-scale projects or programs slips from the test schedule. This is normally one of the high percentage root causes of slippage amongst the other usual causes such as bad requirements, overly buggy code, and resource constraints…

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Products of the week

16-05-2013 – Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World’s products of the week slideshow…

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Rackspace Startup Program Spotlight On Plutora: Aussie-Built Enterprise IT Release Management Software

30-09-2013 – Searching for software that automates the planning, management and deployment of complex releases and test environments across the enterprise in a simple and transparent manner? Sydney…

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ServiceNow looks to fill more gaps through acquisition

07-08-2013 – Its recent pickup of Mirror42 figures to be the first of several deals the company will make to bolster its ITSM platform…