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Plutora Environments – Test Environments Management tool

Plutora Test Environments Management

Complete pre-production environment management for enterprise IT

Simplify test environment management

Plutora Environments gives internal and external environment teams one place to collaborate on and view environment bookings, allocations, configurations, and conflicts. It supports intake requests, environment change requests, environment allocations, conflict detection, and impact analysis with complete notification options for stakeholders. Plutora Environments improves the quality, availability, and utilization of your environments by reducing costs and delays. The solution simplifies the management of requests by providing a single system for all tracking.

Plutora Environments Diagram

Single source of truth for test environment management

  • Visibility
  • Collaboration
  • Efficiency
  • Predictability

Get control over your test environments

Single view of all test environments

Plutora Environments gives you one place for environment booking requests, change requests, configurations, and conflict resolution.

Optimized environment spend

Plutora Environments improves test environment utilization, leading to a reduction in the total number of environments. It helps you predict trends to optimize future hardware planning and resource allocations and integrates with automation tools to improve time to value.

No more contentions or misconfigurations

The intelligent environment availability engine ensures the right environments are allocated to the respective releases at the appropriate time to avoid misconfiguration or contention.

Maintain visibility of fast moving CD pipelines at scale

Many activities in the Continuous Delivery pipeline are hidden within the specialized tools of dev and test teams. This results in a large amount of release activity with limited visibility and coordination. Plutora provides a CD pipeline view so everyone on the delivery team can understand status as code progresses down the pipeline.

Cross-team collaboration

Plutora Environments automates collaboration and coordination between delivery, release, and environment teams to eliminate manual and error-prone hand-offs. The comprehensive notifications system makes sure all environment stakeholders are alerted when any changes are made.

Integrations with your favorite tools

Plutora Environments integrates with your existing ITSM tools such as ServiceNow for change management, BMC Remedy for incident management, and Jenkins for the build process.

Plutora Environments Map Environments Map Plutora Environments Impact Matrix Impact Matrix Plutora Environments Info Environment Info Plutora Environments Request Environment Request Plutora Environments Schedule Environments Schedule Plutora Environments Pipeline CD Pipeline View

A seamless integration with your current tools

Complete test environment management for your enterprise


Booking Requests

Book environments based on availability.


Change Requests

Put in change requests for environments.

Plutora Icon Enviroments

Environment Schedule

View the schedule for all your environments in one place.

environment map

Environment Map

Get a visual view of relationships between environments.

They’re getting results

The world’s most demanding enterprise IT teams trust Plutora with their test environment management



“Plutora enabled us to improve all aspects of our test environment management service and increased our overall productivity by 15%.”



“Plutora helped us produce 11 enterprise releases this year—up from 4 major and 4 minor releases 2 years ago—with only half the staff.”

Improve your test environment management today

Make environment sprawl and spiraling budgets a thing of the past with Plutora Environments.