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Plutora Release – Release Management Tool

Plutora Release - Release Management Tool

End-to-end release management tool for enterprise IT teams

Release management tool for the modern enterprise

Plutora Release helps you manage software delivery across the entire enterprise release portfolio and throughout the complete lifecycle of each release, including planning, approval and execution. It tracks application lifecycles and project dependencies while supporting each project team’s development methodology, from traditional Waterfall to Continuous Delivery. Plutora Release provides the business with visibility and control, resulting in predictability in the software release process, improving the speed and frequency of releases, and better aligning IT software development with business strategy.

Plutora Release Management Tool Diagram

Single source of truth for enterprise release management execution

Release Management Tool - Reporting

  • Visibility
  • Collaboration
  • Efficiency
  • Predictability

Manage the end-to-end release process

Increased velocity of application delivery

Release software faster and more frequently by improving coordination and collaboration, as well as automating manual tasks. Accelerate time-to-value by utilizing any combination of different development methodologies.

Improved software quality

Ensure policy and governance through phases and gates defining quality criteria and key release indicators – with live views providing up-to-date, interactive views of the release. Insights provide end-to-end visibility into the release process across the entire portfolio of applications.

Increased productivity

Have one system to track all aspects of each release by eliminating disparate and unreliable information silos with manual consolidation and coordination efforts. Integrate with existing
toolchains to enable development and operations to operate within their existing processes.

Cross-organization coordination

Empower cross-functional and distributed teams to work together as one, using a unified view of planning to deployment. Keep stakeholders up-to-date with automated notifications and toolset integrations.

Plutora Release Systems Impact Matrix Systems Impact Matrix Plutora Release IT Release Schedule IT Release Schedule Plutora Release Insights Release Insights Plutora Release Deployment Plan Deployment Plan Plutora Release Deployment Activities Deployment Activities Plutora Release Calendar Release Calendar

A seamless integration with your current tools

A complete solution for all your enterprise release management needs

Release Calendar

Get a single view of all releases and associated projects.

Systems Impact Matrix

Understand risk with a heat map of impacted systems.

Plutora Icon Enviroments

Executive Reports

See how releases are tracking across each phase.

Deployment Planner

Create and test deployments plans to avoid incidents.

They’re getting results

The world’s most demanding enterprise teams trust Plutora with their release management


Health Care

“Plutora is now our single system of record. Before, release data was scattered across the enterprise.”



“I can save 50–70% of my time by looking at Plutora’s comments module instead of emails. It’s awesome.”

Improve your enterprise release management today

Bring much-needed stability to your enterprise release management with Plutora.