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Plutora Test – Test Management Tool

Plutora Test - Test Management Solution

Complete test management for enterprise Agile and DevOps teams

Next generation SaaS test management tool

Plutora Test is a powerhouse of functionality with an intuitive, consumer-facing interface. It’s a modern enterprise test management tool that supports the complete software testing process across all types of development methodologies, from traditional Waterfall to Continuous Delivery. It uses a single instance for all projects by consolidating testing design, planning, manual and automated execution, defect tracking, and progress reporting to improve efficiency every step of the way.

Plutora Test Management Tool Diagram

Single source of truth for test management execution

Test Management Tool Reporting

  • Visibility
  • Collaboration
  • Efficiency
  • Predictability

Organize and control your test process

Single view of all testing projects

Plutora Test weaves enterprise, line of business, department, and team visibility into delivery pipelines so you can see all test activities across all projects in a single repository.

Real-time, actionable insights

Plutora Test provides unprecedented insights into software quality and delivery pipelines with comprehensive metrics, reports, and leaderboards. And unlike any other tool, you can keep your finger on the pulse by viewing reports on desktop, mobile, and Apple Watch.

Support for multi-speed IT

Teams juggling multiple release cadences can rejoice. Plutora Test supports any mix of development methodologies, from traditional Waterfall to the newer and faster Continuous Delivery, Agile, DevOps, and Lean.

Instant collaboration

The Comments Stream gives information that is instantly contextual by getting rid of the need to communicate comments and updates through outside tools. In-tool communication means you can keep a full audit trail of conversations between stakeholders.

Integrations with your favorite tools

Plutora Test does a two-way sync with JIRA for both requirements and defects so developers can keep using their own tools while testers view live updates in the Requirements Traceability Matrix. Plutora Test also integrates with test automation tools like Selenium to pull in your existing library of test automation scripts.

Easy migration from legacy test management tools

The Bulk Upload feature makes it a breeze to import all test cases from any legacy application to Plutora Test in just a few clicks. Enterprise test teams can get a single project running in minutes, and fully migrate to Plutora Test in less than a week.
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Requirement Traceability Matrix

Test Plans Management

Defects Management

Reporting Dashboard

A seamless integration with your current tools

A test management tool for all your enterprise testing needs


Requirements and User Stories

Get a single view of requirements, user stories, and scope items.


Defect Management

Identify and manage defects before they slip into production.



Measure progress with complete visibility across projects and teams.

Comments Stream

Promote direct dialog and social engagement within the tool.

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