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Plutora’s Release Manager software enables enterprises to release faster and reduces risk.

What are the benefits of using Release Manager?

Increased productivity

Accelerated time to value

Mitigated release failure

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Plutora’s industry-leading, Enterprise SaaS-based Release Manager enables organizations to effectively and efficiently deliver IT releases and projects while driving real value back into your business through improved delivery quality. Fully integrated with your existing DevOps toolchain ecosystem, Release Manager allows you to plan, track, centralize and report on your releases, and provides everything required to operate a robust and scalable release management function within your organization.

Release Manager gives you the breadth of functionality needed to manage complex release cadences, whether your release cycles occur weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly.

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Key features

A single system of record across all your release moving parts

Bridge the information gap between your business stakeholders, IT delivery teams, IT Operations teams and outsourced IT suppliers, through a consistent end-to-end view of releases from initial request through to release deployment.

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Release planning to cut-over and deployment plans designed to reduce risk

Release Manager provides state-of-the-art technology to manage all aspects of your release process from identifying impacted applications to booking test environments to release gate governance. Once you’re ready for production, our innovative release deployment technology allows you to manage hundreds of cut-over plans (run sheets) simultaneously.

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Release intelligence

Our industry-leading Systems Impact Matrix supports the real-time assessment of release impacts across applications and components.

Systems Impact Matrix automates the nature of the application impact (direct code impact or regression impact) created by each release while showing the size of that impact based on the number of feature request changes.

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Release management orchestration

Use our powerful release scheduler to orchestrate and view your schedules, including critical dates for your organization. Release Schedule clearly highlights the release phase breakdowns of all releases, stages gates, key milestones, decision points and blockout periods.

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Release execution, monitoring, and control

Release Manager tracks the execution status of key activities, milestones, and stage gates. Key activities required to complete release phases successfully can be assigned to individuals within your organization or your IT suppliers.

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Ecosystem integration

Plutora’s ability to integrate with a broad range of technologies is a core competency. Plutora integrates with the market-leading Project Portfolio Management solutions (HP PPM, CA Clarity, Microsoft Project), IT Service Management Solutions (ServiceNow and BMC Remedy) and Application Lifecycle Management tools (JIRA, Rally, HP Quality Center and Visual Studio).

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And more…

Increased productivity

Through creation and enforcement of standards and best practices across the release processes as well as the more efficient allocation of test environments to support releases. Eliminates inconsistent information reconciliation from day-to-day activities.

Integration insights

By bringing together multiple data sources, Release Manager allows you to gain a complete picture of your projects and releases and gain the insights needed to help you make the best decisions with support from any data source, structured or unstructured.

Mitigate release failure

Through strong policy and governance that enables stakeholders to take preventative action based on superior information. Provides real-time visibility into enterprise-wide release status enables stakeholders to pinpoint the root cause of potential release failures and mitigate them quickly.

Accelerated time to value

By delivering services to customers on ever shorter release cycles. The release management, test environment management, and deployment processes are streamlined and simplified, enabling changes to be deployed more rapidly. End users realize the benefits of changes as quickly as possible.

Enhanced agility and flexibility

By responding to new and emerging needs as they occur. When all parties operate from consistent information, they are quick to understand the impact of new changes on the release schedule, test environments and risk profile of the release, and can respond positively to those demands.

Increased collaboration

By bringing together disparate teams and skill sets involved in the release management process, and through information sharing and instant communication. All release stakeholders have complete and timely insights into schedules, changes, priority, and status.

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