We’ve made the testing process easier, faster and Agile

Stryka is a cutting-edge enterprise test management tool, built from the ground up using the latest web and mobile technologies. Stryka supports the end-to-end test lifecycle from linking requirements to test cases to defects. Our testing technology supports agile testing practices and has the only Quality Tester leaderboard available on the market.

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Modules for every step of the testing process

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Built to support multi-disciplined testing practices at an enterprise scale

In today’s world of frequent releases, Test and QA teams need to support agile, waterfall and hybrid development practices. Stryka supports all modes of testing while allowing application or Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) teams to customize the tool around the way users want to work.

In the Cloud

From requirements to test management to defect management to executive reporting, Stryka has been built from the ground up to run in the Cloud and support hundreds of concurrent projects across your enterprise. Stryka has full Rest APIs.

One login

The only solution on the market that can support hundreds of projects all in the one database schema. No more logging out of one project and into another. One login gives you permission-driven visibility into all your test projects.

Ultra responsive

The best in class user experience PERIOD. An ultra fast, ultra responsive test and defect management interface as good as Uber or Facebook. Build with AngularJS and mobile-responsive frameworks, Stryka makes testing beautiful and fast.

Leaderboard rankings

DevOps-focused teams are all about speed and automation. Stryka ranks QA and Dev teams in leaderboards to show the best performers. This technology helps teams make decisions to improve the code and test quality.

CI/CD integration

Test Management and Continuous Delivery go hand in hand. With Stryka, Test and QA teams can choose when to deploy code into their test environments without waiting days or even weeks.

Real-time single view of testing

Gain visibility into all your projects using advanced dashboards and reports. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the train or at lunch, Stryka allows you to view real-time metrics on any mobile device.

Stryka tools connection

We’re all for Agile development

Stryka connects easily with your current tools, such as JIRA, ServiceNow, and Rally. Put your business users, developers, and testers on the same page with Stryka’s centralized view of requirements, user stories, and the release scope items that need testing.

Everywhere and always in control

Stryka is test management software built for forward-thinking Test and QA teams. View your test metrics on any device, anywhere. Our commitment is to bring innovation to the application testing industry.

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