TEMS - Test Environment Manager

Test Environment Manager

Plutora’s Test Environment Manager (TEMS) software provides comprehensive pre-production environment management capabilities to service all environment management functions.

What are the benefits of using Test Environment Manager?


Visibility, transparency and control

Environments kept productive, saving money

Environments allocated proactively

Project impact from environments reduced

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This is Plutora Test Environment Manager

Plutora’s Enterprise SaaS-based Test Environment Manager improves the quality, availability, and efficiency of pre-production environments to meet milestones and ultimately reduce time-to-market and costs. It allows test environment managers to manage all layers of standalone and integrated environments effectively.

Test Environment Manager provides comprehensive pre-production environment management capabilities.

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Key features

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Mitigate project delays caused by environment outages

Test Environment Manager helps teams reduce lost testing time caused by environment misconfiguration, contention, or unplanned outages. Test Environment Manager’s intelligent environment availability and allocation engine ensures the right environments are allocated to the right releases at the appropriate time to avoid misconfiguration or contention.

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Increased test environment management productivity

Gain a unified source of truth for all environment-related information and make that information broadly accessible to cross-functional teams. Implement simple processes to help project teams engage in environment activities such as data refreshes, firewall configs, batch runs, new environment setups and much more.

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TEMS - Test Environment Manager Screenshot
TEMS - Test Environment Manager Screenshot

Enhanced governance and metrics of your test lab

Test Environment Manager supports governance processes to detect and remediate changes in test environments and test lab. Our smart functionality allows for continuous tracking of the relationships between releases, environments bookings, test environment requests (TECRs) and environment handovers.

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Manage the financial aspects of your environments

Test Environment Manager combines environment scheduling and configuration capability with relevant cost drivers to allow forecasting of environmental costs and cross charge projects teams for actual environment usage.

A full view of all environments, including those that are under-utilized, enables your organization to reclaim environments faster and reduce overall cost.

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TEMS - Test Environment Manager Screenshot
TEMS - Test Environment Manager Screenshot

Increased release and environment collaboration

A single system of record for communication, collaboration, and coordination between delivery teams, release teams, and environment teams eliminates manual,
error-prone hand-offs.

Our comprehensive alerts and notifications system ensures all environment stakeholders are informed when environments are requested, allocated, modified and decommissioned.

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And more…

Mitigate project delays from environment outages

Teams lose substantial time and financial resources due to unnecessary delays in the pre-production environment. Up to 30–40% of the testing time is often lost in environment-related issues. On large programs, each day of outage can easily cost up to $25K.

Stop spreadsheet sprawl

Test Environment Manager remedies the lost productivity brought on by spreadsheet sprawl and poor collaboration between delivery and operational teams.

Increase release and environment collaboration

Users can manage environment demand requirements like never before by quickly seeing the supplier profile to create a supply and demand view.

Enhance auditing and governance

Improve auditing and governance by detecting and remediating changes and demonstrating effective policy enforcement. Plutora helps you keep track of environments and the relationships between them. Make better decisions by understanding the risk and impacts of environments on releases.

Integrate with existing toolsets

Integrate with the market-leading Project Portfolio Management solutions (HP PPM, CA Clarity, Microsoft Project), IT Service Management Solutions (ServiceNow and BMC Remedy) and Application Lifecycle Management tools (JIRA, Rally, HP Quality Center).

No rigid frameworks

No need to adapt your processes to rigid frameworks. Plutora is easily customized to enable your organization’s environment management processes.

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