Release Management

Planning, Building and Controlling Releases


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Enterprise Release Coordination Plan

Continually improve and evangelize the enterprise release coordination function.
Facilitate conversations between Project Managers, IT Owners, Business users and more when conflicting release needs preclude satisfying all project demands.
Plan & manage instance coordination function and best practices methodology.
Technology enabler tools used for assisting projects with adhering to gates and criteria’s processes.

Enterprise Release Planning

Enterprise releases consolidate and integrate the deliverables of multiple projects that have to be time-boxed or synchronized so they can be tested and released as a whole. Enterprise releases aims to supplement portfolio prioritization with greater design governance that serves to improve productivity and reduce change disruption by executing related features together.
Plutora orchestrates the process for creating and communicating enterprise release schedules within the organization. This streamlined release process helps enterprises manage all aspects of the release including phase activities, capture of release notes, documentation and implementation plans.

Release Building

Release building is the process of deciding which features to add to which releases. Prioritisation is a key element of release building, and the key inputs to prioritisation are the proposed features as well as the quantitative metrics assigned to these features.
Plutora also enables release managers, implementation managers and business analysts to allocate feature requests to defined releases. The contents of all releases is always clearly transparent to all stakeholders within the enterprise.


System roadmaps a key to release planning, they represent a common long term goal for all teams within the enterprise and developing a roadmap is a highly collaborative process. A typical engagement brings together key contributors including business owners, product management, project managers and engineers to create the initial roadmap for a product.
Plutora supports the development of system roadmaps by providing a single system of record that contains all of planning information across multiple products for a multi-year, multi-phase programs and that also works in harmony with other applications.