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Continuous Delivery Management

Increased release cadences across different applications require a solution for visibility and control

Increased release velocity coupled with automation is risky if not managed carefully

Businesses require more from their IT delivery teams than ever before. Today, IT delivery teams are increasing application release cadences from quarterly to monthly, weekly or daily, and must manage release pipelines carefully to ensure the increased application release velocity will not result in production incidents.

Plutora Release Manager

Industry benefits

Continuous Delivery Management (CDM) uses a big data approach to glue together information from various DevOps tools to allow IT delivery resources to gain real-time visibility into their release pipelines.

Release pipelines

Release pipelines

Managing release pipelines is more important than ever. With IT delivery teams releasing into production at different rates, it’s imperative for production stability that release pipelines are managed proactively to minimize application downtime risk.

DevOps toolchain orchestration

DevOps toolchain orchestration

Orchestrating the release process requires a solution which can manage not only release deployment but the release scope, which components are impacted by a release and much more.

Visibility and control

Visibility and control

Going faster is the norm, but risk mitigation is often forgotten until it’s too late. Continuous Delivery Management is all about gaining control and visibility into the release and deployment pipelines.

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