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Optimizing CD Pipelines
at Scale

Coordinating complex release trains at enterprise scale requires balancing the pace of change with the controls needed for application health and stability. Delivery teams need to optimize the flow of code through each phase of a release by removing constraints and increasing visibility and traceability of fast moving CD pipelines.

Increase the partnership between dev and test

Lean-Agile methods emphasize optimizing across the full value stream and wait states are often the largest inefficiency. If test teams are kept waiting for a properly configured test environment, or waste time identifying changes, the delivery flow stops.  Test teams need to understand when new code is available for testing, what changes new code contains, and have properly configured test environments available on-demand to ensure rapid feedback to dev.

Plutora Environments CD pipeline

Industry benefits

Reduce dev/test cycle time

Reduce dev/test cycle time

Many organizations spend more time getting large, complex enterprise environments up and ready for testing than they do writing code. Faster QA team access to test environments improves cycle time. Plutora highlights when dev has a new build available, increasing test team responsiveness and eliminating the delay in finding out when new code is ready for testing.

On-demand deployment to test environments

On-demand deployment to test environments

Don’t make fast moving test teams wait for a test environment to become available. Plutora links Jenkins jobs to test environments, where a builds are triggered on-demand to expedite the hand-off of new code from dev into test environments.

Ensure accurate test coverage

Ensure accurate test coverage

As dev team velocity increases, test teams have a hard time tracking the change requests associated with a new build, making it difficult to accurately assign the test cases necessary to ensure accurate test coverage. Plutora automatically links change IDs with each new build so test teams can quickly identify and assign appropriate test cases.

Listen to our customers

“We knew our delivery requirements and productivity needed to ramp up very quickly. That’s why we ended up choosing Plutora.”

“I can save 50–70% of my time by looking at Plutora’s comments module instead of emails. It’s awesome.”

“Plutora improved our test environment management productivity by 140%.”

“Plutora is now our single system of record. Before, release data was scattered across the enterprise.”

Improve your enterprise release management today

Bring much-needed stability to your enterprise release management with Plutora.