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Plan, manage and control your test environments with Plutora’s Test Environment Management Tool.

Enterprise Test Environment Manager

Plutora’s Enterprise SaaS-based Test Environment Manager improves quality, availability, and efficiency of pre-production environments to meet milestones and ultimately reduce time-to-market and costs. It allows test environment managers to effectively manage all layers of standalone and integrated environments.

Plutora’s Test Environment Manager provides comprehensive pre-production environment management capabilities by clearly identifying all pre-production environments used during all release phases. Through enhanced forward planning (in-take booking), Plutora is easily able to identify and avoid environment contention across disparate project teams.

Plutora’s Test Environment Manager also tracks configuration versions, environment change requests and highlights all releases impacted in the event of environment failure. Delivery and operations team operate from consistent up to date information.

Key Benefits

Mitigate Project delays from Environment Outage

Teams are losing substantial time and financial resources due to unnecessary delays in the pre-production environment. Up to 30-40 % of testing time is often lost in environment related issues. On large programs each day of outage can easily cost up to $100K.

Environment Management Productivity

Plutora Test Environment Manager remedies the lost productivity brought on by spreadsheet sprawl and poor collaboration between delivery and operational teams. Duplicate data entry and continual reconciliation is eliminated. Plutora provides unified information source for all environment related information and exposes that information broadly throughout your organization. This ultimately translates to real costs savings or increased throughput with existing resources.

Increased Release & Environment Collaboration

Plutora strengthens communication, collaboration and coordination between delivery teams, release teams, environment teams and suppliers. This helps seamlessly integrate and automate processes that connect your development and operations teams, eliminating manual hand-offs between the two teams.

Enhanced Auditing and Governance

Plutora improves auditing and governance by detecting and remediating changes and demonstrating effective policy enforcement. Plutora helps you keep track of environments and the relationships between them. Make better decisions by understanding the risk and impacts of environments on releases.

Key Features

Environment Lifecycle Management

Plutora bridges the information gap between your business stakeholders, IT delivery teams, IT operations teams and outsourced IT suppliers through a consistent end-to-end view of Releases from initial request, release planning, release execution to production deployment. Plutora enables business users and stakeholders to raise all types of changes, identify the impacted systems, allocate those changes to releases and track all releases within your IT portfolio.

Unified Test Environment Schedule

Plutora provides a unified environment schedule that is accessible by both delivery, release and environment teams to provides complete visibility into the available release windows as well as all scheduled changes. This results in better coordination between these teams and it significantly improves the predictability of releases.

Centralized Portal for Environment Booking and Change Requests

Plutora captures the dependencies between releases and systems within your organization. Plutora produces system impact assessments matrices that clearly show you a heat map of the systems impacted by a release, the nature of that impact (direct code impact or downstream regression impact) and the size of that impact based on the number of changes.

Test Environment Allocation and Contention Identification

Plutora manages your test environment requests, provides a repository for test environment details and manages the allocation of test environments to phases within your releases. Plutora also manages test environment groups, which contain multiple interdependent test environments, to support complex enterprise releases involving multiple systems. Test environment reporting provides the test environment schedule across releases and clearly identifies any test environment contention where multiple projects want to use test environments at the same time.

Pre-Production Configuration Management

Plutora’s enterprise Test Environment Manger tracks and displays the core configuration information on each environment. Plutora maintains both what is desired in an environment as well as the actual state. It also provides visibility and alerts teams when servers are out of compliance. Plutora can also merge configuration data from multiple discovery tools into a single, reliable dataset.