Author: Lucy Zhang

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vsmc blog hero

Plutora Co-Founds VSMC to Help Organizations Deliver Value Through the Advancement of Value Stream Management

Today’s announcement of the Value Stream Management Consortium (VSMC) is an exciting and significant milestone in the evolution of software delivery. The VSMC is being launched…

devops awards

Plutora Recognized as a DevOps Dozen and DevOps Industry Awards Finalist

It’s shaping up to be an exciting and rewarding awards season! We’re honored that Plutora has been recognized as a finalist in two categories in the…

customer experience award

Customer experience drives Plutora in product and in practice

Customer service is a crucial aspect of Plutora’s offering and is what drives us to provide the best solution to our own customers. Today, as the…

devops security

Get ITSM Up to Speed on Security for DevOps

Traditional ITSM processes, whilst designed for all the right reasons; to protect us, to improve our predictability and to enable common understanding, are frequently accused of…

itsm processes

Support in the Age of DevOps: 8 Ways to Revamp Your ITSM Processes

The origins of DevOps lie in agile system administration and the recognition that whilst software development teams were taking advantage of agile methodologies to become more…

Inc. 5000 Award

Plutora Listed on Inc. 5000 for Second Consecutive Year

In the past year we’ve been riding a wave of unprecedented interest in our Plutora products. We’ve had over 70% year-on-year growth in our sales pipeline…

why devops

Beyond the Hype: Why DevOps Isn’t a Silver Bullet

The concept of DevOps and the idea of going faster are not new. However, the proliferation of shiny new tools designed around providing faster Agile +…

devops vs agile

The Agile + DevOps Effect: 6 Keys to Software Delivery Evolution

Agile and DevOps are both iterative methodologies that focus on moving quickly. With Agile, you’re trying to test your assumptions as soon as possible so that…

kanban vs scrum

Kanban vs Scrum: Which One is Right for You?

Kanban vs Scrum is a question often debated by teams looking to switch from a waterfall development process to an agile solution. Both of these project…

value stream mapping template

Value Stream Mapping Template

Value stream maps enable organizations to see where the actual value is being added in the process, allowing them to improve on the overall efficiency associated…

Value Stream Stream Mapping Symbols

A Guide to Value Stream Stream Mapping Symbols

This guide provides a quick introduction to the basic standardized symbols for value stream mapping. Originally introduced by the Lean Enterprise Institute in “Learning to See“,…

Silicon Valley Business Journal Award

After national recognition, Plutora makes the top 10 in fastest growing private companies in Silicon Valley

Just last month Plutora made its debut on the Inc. 5000 list, the hallmark of entrepreneurial success that features the fastest-growing private companies in the country….