Author: Michael de Ridder

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BI Dashboards

BI Dashboards: A Definition With Detailed Examples

Modern business practices generate more information from more segments of the business than ever before. Ranging from sales and inventory to internal processes and projects to…

Metrics vs KPIs

KPIs and Metrics: The Difference and How To Use Both

If you’re involved in business intelligence, business analytics, or project management, you’ve probably heard terms like KPIs and metrics thrown around the office. In fact, if…

What Is Business Intelligence? An IT Leader's Complete Guide

What is Business Intelligence? An IT Leader’s Complete Guide

Business intelligence is one of those domains that have a slightly different definition depending on who you talk to. End users might think about the reports…

steering committee

What Is a Steering Committee and What Is Its Role?

There you are, staring at a blank document preparing to write a proposal that you’ve been told needs to be sent to a steering committee. Or…


OKR: An Executive’s Handbook for Objective and Key Results

This post is all about the objective and key results (OKR) framework. If you’ve spent some time looking into modern management practices, it’s a term you’ve…

data lifecycle management

What Is Data Lifecycle Management? Understanding the Phases

If you make the decisions about IT systems and procedures, you may have heard about data lifecycle management (DLM). As with many things in the IT…