Author: Omkar Hiremath

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Business woman doing operational intelligence

What Is Operational Intelligence? A Detailed Introduction

Every sector has a group of companies working to serve the same purpose. The automobile giants want to build great vehicles, and the companies in the…

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What Is Advanced Analytics? A Comprehensive Introduction

When you start a new business, you take actions based either on the reference of a similar business or on your hunch. But as a business…

it compliance

The Forward-Looking CIO’s Guide to IT Compliance

Compliance has become one of the most important things that CIOs have to take care of in an organization. With increased regulations and requirements from external…

remote management

Remote Management: A Detailed Guide and 8 Best Practices

Many organizations all around the world have started to adopt remote working. Some of them have been doing it for quite some time, but for others,…


What Is RegTech? A Regulatory Compliance and Technology Guide

The world would be in chaos without order and discipline. No matter how big or small a company is, it has to follow a set of…

DevOps Toolchain, Clearly Explained: The What, Why, and How

Thomas Edison once said, “The value of an idea lies in using it.” Revolutionary companies have their ideas valued when they convert them into products. But…