Author: Oscar Santamaria

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Release Quickstart Bundle

Plutora Announces New Release Management QuickStart Bundle

Free Trial and free online training will get you started immediately They said data-driven decisions were key to successful digital transformations. They said that automating development…

VSM Consortium release VSM report

Crossing the Chasm – VSM Consortium Releases its 2022 State of Value Stream Management Report

Plutora is proud to be a co-founding member of the VSM Consortium, an association dedicated to advancing value stream-centric ways of working in technology teams to…

3-2-1 blast off! Plutora launches its new logo

Today, we’re launching a new logo as we continue to push Plutora to new heights. When we started the company, our name was in reference to…

Standardizing VSM

Standardizing VSM Tools and Practices – A Welcomed Effort

The recent announcement from OASIS OPEN, one of the most respected non-profit standards bodies in the world, that they are defining interoperability standards for value stream management…

Financial Fraud Detection

Top 7 Ways to Upgrade Your Organization’s Financial Fraud Detection

The idea of a scam compromising your finances or organization is unnerving for all, but it happens all too often, costing companies and consumers more than…

Consent Management Software

How Can Your Company Benefit from Consent Management Software?

When people use the internet, they are sharing data. In many cases, this data is personal, especially when they make online purchases, sign up on a…

Quickstart bundle

Plutora Offers New Environment QuickStart Bundle

Achieving VSM goals one Agile solution at a time The latest offering from Plutora, the Test Environment QuickStart Bundle, takes an agile approach to evolving DevOps practices….

Update on Log4Shell Vulnerability

Update on Log4Shell Vulnerability

14 December 2021 The Plutora Engineering team are continuing to monitor the situation regarding the Log4Shell vulnerability and have been working closely with vendors to ensure…

Track flow time

Why IT Leaders Need to Track Flow Time

Many organizations are beginning to tighten the DevOps screws as they look for ways to increase productivity and decrease costs. So there’s a rising demand for…