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Trains Top View

What is an Agile Release Train? (Safe ART)

Over many client engagements, we have come across a few companies who aren’t familiar with this term. While we recognize the term “agile release train” is…

test environment management

Test Environment Management

Test Environment Management can mean many things to different people who are involved in either software delivery or IT Operations. In this post I wanted to…

CAB and release management

CAB and Release Management: The Connection

The Change Advisory Board (CAB) is a quality control mechanism in the Change Management division of large enterprises, so before we dive in to the details…

software release schedule

Your Software Release Schedule is an Important Part of the Release Process

In most enterprises, the concept of having a reliable release schedule which represents what is going on in the development arm of your IT shop is…

release cycle

Monthly vs. Quarterly Release Cycles: Which is Better?

A question we commonly get asked is, “how often should we set our regular release cycle?” In other words, what should be our release frequency in…