Author: Taurai Mutimutema

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The Technology Acceptance Model

A Practical Introduction to the Technology Acceptance Model

Before you impose a set of tools on your teams, certain considerations have to be taken into account. To start with, how effective are the tools…

Why of Business Agility

A Complete Guide To the What And Why of Business Agility

Business agility has become a key determinant of the modern firm’s existence. Not being agile when competing companies are coined on (what seems like) a daily…

Cloud Architecture: A Definition and Introductory Guide

You’d have to be outside the IT industry altogether for the terms cloud computing and cloud architecture to be completely absent from your conversations. Even then,…

customer experience

Digital Experience: Your Complete Guide to Customer Delight

Even when you have great product ideas and an awesome development team to code it into existence, making sure your customers experience delight often demands more…