Author: Vlad Georgescu

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Traffic light

What Is IT Governance? Understanding From First Principles

IT governance is a thought framework that makes sure information technology systems provide the value an organization needs and limits the risks that come with using…

bimodal it

Bimodal IT: Definition, Implications, and Dangers

When you’ve been using a certain business method for a long time, you don’t start using a new one just because it’s shiny, new, and cool….

feature creep

Feature Creep Is a Problem. Learn How to Avoid It

Too much of a good thing will often turn out to be a bad thing, harmful even. Take salt, for instance. Food without salt is tasteless…

Shadow IT

Shadow IT: Learn From It to Get It Under Control

Why does your company have an IT department? At its core, this department employs best practices to ensure that company data is securely accessed, created, stored,…