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Natural Language Queries

Natural Language Queries: What They Are and How They Work

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) has enabled multiple businesses to grow. This has introduced new approaches to handling business solutions in…

AI Analytics Defined and Explained

AI Analytics Defined and Explained

AI analytics is a way to accumulate data and interpret human behavior according to market trends using statistical and mathematical methods to generate a stable and…

Observability Pillar SRE

Observability, A Pillar of Site Reliability Engineering Explained

Observability is a crucial pillar of site reliability engineering (SRE) because it allows you to detect and diagnose issues as they happen and before they cause…

Data Lake warehouse

Data Lake vs. Data Warehouse: Know the Difference

The software development industry is handling more data than years ago. This data is often the key driver for decision making. For instance, the larger the…

BI Dashboards Guide

A Guide to Business Intelligence Dashboards

In our modern world, businesses are constantly generating data in a variety of ways. Such data sources include on-premises databases, cloud-based business services, social media, and…

Backlog Grooming

What Is Backlog Grooming and How Do You Do It?

Backlog grooming is a critical part of any agile software development lifecycle. Nearly every software team has much more work than they can do at any…

Software Development Project

How to Create a Software Development Project Plan

Most software projects start with high expectations. But things often go awry during production and projects fail to get off the ground. While you can’t always…

What Is an OKR? An Introductory Walkthrough With Examples

OKRs are one of those things that get thrown around in company chats to get people excited. Yet, when everyone gets the hang of them, things…

Kano Model

A Detailed Introductory Guide to the Kano Model

Presenting new features frequently is expected from modern-day software products. Long gone are the days when software updates happened once a year or even every two…

Normalize Data

When, Why, and How to Normalize Data

Businesses today are collecting more data than ever. However, many companies are struggling to make the most out of the information that keeps piling up.   The…

ETL Process

What Is ETL? Understand ‘Extract, Transform, Load’ in Depth

Think about how an airport processes passengers. People enter the building, go through security checkpoints, and then wait in a central holding area until they fly…

Data Integration

Data Integration 101: Using Metrics To Show Cross-Team Value

Data has become one of the most prized assets in a software delivery process. We can safely claim it to be the lifeline of any operation…

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