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Release Train Engineer in SAFe

Release Train Engineer in SAFe: The Role and Responsibilities

Driving product development isn’t an easy task. But when you use proper frameworks and approaches, the task could become much easier for you. Some of the…

capgemini smart foundry

Capgemini’s ‘Smart Foundry’ Taps Plutora For Innovation in Value Stream Management

According to Capgemini’s World Quality Report 2019-20, the widespread adoption of agile and DevOps methodologies, the need for Quality Assurance (QA) orchestration and its impact on…

Software Delivery Orchestration, streamlining and automating multiple tasks

Software Delivery Orchestration: A Complete Introduction

Software delivery orchestration focuses on streamlining and automating multiple tasks related to your delivery pipeline. These tasks can range from software planning to testing, deployment, and…


Configuration Management Databases: What Is a CMDB?

In this article, we go through important things to know about using and managing a CMDB. We discuss why having a CMDB is important, essential characteristics…

microservices vs api

Microservices vs API: Understanding Both and How They Differ

Sometimes the terms “microservices” and “API” might be confusing because some folks are using them interchangeably. However, when you break down these concepts, you notice that…

failure metrics

Failure Metrics in Depth: MTTR vs. MTBF vs. MTTF

Today’s post features a detailed comparison of three DevOps metrics that are vital for enterprises and tech organizations in general. They are, respectively, MTTR, MTBF, and…

vsm roundup

The VSM Roundup has Arrived… Read All About It!

Plutora is excited to announce the launch of the first VSM industry newsletter, the VSM Roundup. It will be published monthly, and in it you will…


AIOps: What It Is and Why It Should Matter to You

Technology started with large mainframes that were the center of a business’s operations. But this idea has shifted completely, to every person now owning more than…

forrester wave

The Critical Role of Value Stream Management in the Future of Software Delivery

The News We are extremely excited to announce that Plutora has been positioned as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Value Stream Management Solutions, Q3 2020….

business continuity plan

How to Create a Robust Business Continuity Plan

A business continuity plan (BCP) helps companies restart their business operations quickly through a systematic plan of prevention and recovery when hit by a disaster. Businesses…

advanced analytics

What Is Advanced Analytics? A Comprehensive Introduction

When you start a new business, you take actions based either on the reference of a similar business or on your hunch. But as a business…

value stream manager

The Emerging Role of Value Stream Manager: A Job Description

The Value Stream Manager is a new and growing role in software development. But despite being a relative newcomer, they play a critical role in leading…