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Business woman doing operational intelligence

What Is Operational Intelligence? A Detailed Introduction

Every sector has a group of companies working to serve the same purpose. The automobile giants want to build great vehicles, and the companies in the…

Product Strategy: A Guide With Examples and Best Practices

Product Strategy: A Guide With Examples and Best Practices

“What should we work on next?” The question hangs in the air, laden with the heaviness that’s been growing inside you since you took on your…

Why of Business Agility

A Complete Guide To the What And Why of Business Agility

Business agility has become a key determinant of the modern firm’s existence. Not being agile when competing companies are coined on (what seems like) a daily…

The Practical Leader’s Guide to Regulatory Compliance

Try as you might, you can’t dodge business regulations. In the first decades of the explosion of tech companies and the internet, regulations were few and…

Cloud Architecture: A Definition and Introductory Guide

You’d have to be outside the IT industry altogether for the terms cloud computing and cloud architecture to be completely absent from your conversations. Even then,…

microservices vs api

Microservices vs API: Understanding Both and How They Differ

Sometimes the terms “microservices” and “API” might be confusing because some folks are using them interchangeably. However, when you break down these concepts, you notice that…

failure metrics

Failure Metrics in Depth: MTTR vs. MTBF vs. MTTF

Today’s post features a detailed comparison of three DevOps metrics that are vital for enterprises and tech organizations in general. They are, respectively, MTTR, MTBF, and…

vsm roundup

The VSM Roundup has Arrived… Read All About It!

Plutora is excited to announce the launch of the first VSM industry newsletter, the VSM Roundup. It will be published monthly, and in it you will…


AIOps: What It Is and Why It Should Matter to You

Technology started with large mainframes that were the center of a business’s operations. But this idea has shifted completely, to every person now owning more than…

forrester wave

The Critical Role of Value Stream Management in the Future of Software Delivery

The News We are extremely excited to announce that Plutora has been positioned as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Value Stream Management Solutions, Q3 2020….

What is value stream management

What is Value Stream Management and Why it’s so Important

Software delivery is only becoming more complex. At the same time, it continues to be ever more important, as it is a necessary core competency for…

business continuity plan

How to Create a Robust Business Continuity Plan

A business continuity plan (BCP) helps companies restart their business operations quickly through a systematic plan of prevention and recovery when hit by a disaster. Businesses…