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executive dashboard

Executive Dashboard: A What-And-Why Guide With Examples

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Since you entered the C-suite, your life has become rife with decisions. Not only that, but the uncertainties also seem to have multiplied…

data driven decision making

Data-Driven Decision Making: A Handbook With Actionable Tips

We live in a data economy. Data is everywhere. Tech giants are collecting huge amounts of it about us. It’s scary how accurately they can predict…

work remotely

How to effectively work remotely as an enterprise software development team

Covid-19 has upended our daily lives. For many of us, it has also fundamentally changed the places in which we work. And this has no small…

data lifecycle management

What Is Data Lifecycle Management? Understanding the Phases

If you make the decisions about IT systems and procedures, you may have heard about data lifecycle management (DLM). As with many things in the IT…

product management

The IT Leader’s Complete Guide to Effective Product Management

The software management landscape changes quickly. Each year we see new processes and paradigms that promise to build software in a better way. Recently, the industry…

predictive modeling

The IT Leader’s Definitive Guide to Predictive Modeling

Whether you’re new to predictive modeling or just need a refresher, this post will walk you through the essential steps of predictive analysis. Predictive analysis starts…

itsm processes

Support in the Age of DevOps: 8 Ways to Revamp Your ITSM Processes

The origins of DevOps lie in agile system administration and the recognition that whilst software development teams were taking advantage of agile methodologies to become more…

Cross-Functional Teams: What They Are and How to Build One

Do you know what’s common between tech giants like Google, Netflix, Facebook, and Amazon? They’ve all adopted a cross-functional approach. Do you understand why? Every company…

Why DevOps Needs Release Management

Why DevOps Needs Release Management

Release management is crucial to successfully manage the complexity that the combination of DevOps and distributed, microservice-based architectures have introduced into the application landscape. In the…


A DataOps Definition: Separating Hype From Value

Software development has evolved quickly in recent years. It has changed following diverse methodologies—for example, waterfall, extreme programming, scrum, and agile, just to name a few….

what is business analytics

What Is Business Analytics? A Comprehensive Definition

In today’s world, knowledge is power. Therefore, if you have it, you have the power to make informed decisions. Those will change the way you build…

Digital Risk

Digital Risk: What It Is And How to Manage It in Your Org

Is your organization becoming increasingly dependent on technology? If so, your organization is also becoming vulnerable to certain digital threats and risks. As a result, you…