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data driven releases

Achieve Data-driven Releases Using Test Management Software

While developers can sprint from idea to implementation in a matter of days, QA has struggled to keep up with this rapid pace due to a…

All Test Case Management Tools are Not Created Equal

All Test Case Management Tools are not Created Equal

If you’ve used test case management tools before, you’ll understand that there are a range of products on the market. There are old standards that have…

test case management

Test Smarter with a Test Case Management Tool

With software releases happening every week, your teams need a more dynamic and intelligent test case management tool. You can’t afford to run every single test…

reclaiming underutilized environments

Reclaiming Underutilized Environments

What is an Environment? When we discuss Environment Management, we’re not thinking about simple systems.  An environment isn’t just a web server and a database.  Instead,…

frequent software releases

Enabling Frequent Software Releases, Greater Independence

As release managers and executives, we address release complexity and complex dependencies between releases by combining software releases…

enterprise release risk

Most Common Enterprise Release Risk: Last Minute QA Testing

It’s a “given” in software development – release schedules always slip. Requirements shift, developers underestimate timelines, and quality assurance (QA) finds unexpected defects. Another law of…

Managing Test Environments

Managing Test Environments

Test Environments (also called QA or Pre-Production Environments) are a vital cog in delivering fully tested code and instilling confidence there will be a successful project…