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Significance of Visibility

The Significance of Visibility in Large Organizations

In large organizations, a lack of visibility can lead to costly incidents and inefficiencies in production. This blog delves into the importance of visibility in addressing…

Test Environment Management QuickStart

Now Available: Test Environment Management QuickStart – the Newest Member of our Popular QuickStart Family

Download the free trial and take advantage of the free online training to get started right away We are excited to release the newest member of…

SaaS Testing

SaaS Testing: Tips & Best Practice

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) concept has become incredibly popular during the past few years. This model’s advantages include quick deployment, resource dependability, less reliance on an internal…

Smoke Testing in Depth

Smoke Testing in Depth: A Detailed Guide With Examples

Imagine you’re baking a dessert. After you pull it out of the oven, you have to check to make sure the dish is done cooking. Otherwise,…

Development Environment

What Is a Development Environment? How to Get Started Now

When it comes to environments, there’s not much mystery about production: that’s where the real application lives and users can access it. The trouble is with…

Production Environment

What Is a Production Environment? What You Need to Know

To visualize a production environment, imagine a new car rolling off the lot. When someone buys a new vehicle, the automobile is typically ready for the…

DevOps or SRE

DevOps or SRE? What’s the Difference?

Software teams are under pressure to deliver high-quality applications quickly and affordably. Of course, this is no easy task, especially when considering that software and networks…

Cloud Migration Strategies

Cloud Migration Strategies: How to Get It Right

SaaS adoption continues to accelerate, with many companies opting to move their internal applications from on-premises data centers to public cloud environments.  In fact, Gartner reports…

On-premise vs. Cloud

On-premise vs. Cloud: What You Need to Know

With the onset of big data and advances in computation technology, many businesses made a shift from on-premise to cloud platforms for data storage and infrastructure…

Staging Environment

What Is a Staging Environment? How to Get It Right

As user expectations continue to rise, DevOps teams are under enormous pressure to bring high-quality software to market. As such, teams are now paying more attention…

Quickstart bundle

Plutora Offers New Environment QuickStart Bundle

Achieving VSM goals one Agile solution at a time The latest offering from Plutora, the Test Environment QuickStart Bundle, takes an agile approach to evolving DevOps practices….

Cloud Deployment Models

Cloud Deployment Models: 3 Helpfully Explained

Microservices, Kubernetes, and the cloud are hot topics these days. Many companies are moving to Kubernetes and then to the cloud or the other way around….