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Iterative Incremental Development

Iterative vs. Incremental Development: A Comparison

Incremental and iterative software development models are often used interchangeably when discussing Scrum and agile approaches. Although both methods are part of the development process, they…

SaaS Testing

SaaS Testing: Tips & Best Practice

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) concept has become incredibly popular during the past few years. This model’s advantages include quick deployment, resource dependability, less reliance on an internal…

5 golden rules it cybersecurity crisis

The 5 Golden Rules of a CEO for Handling an IT Cybersecurity Crisis

Without a strong cybersecurity program, you can’t protect your business from data breaches, which makes it a prime target for hackers. Decision-makers can’t rely just on…

Natural Language Queries

Natural Language Queries: What They Are and How They Work

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) has enabled multiple businesses to grow. This has introduced new approaches to handling business solutions in…

AI Analytics Defined and Explained

AI Analytics Defined and Explained

AI analytics is a way to accumulate data and interpret human behavior according to market trends using statistical and mathematical methods to generate a stable and…

VSM Consortium release VSM report

Crossing the Chasm – VSM Consortium Releases its 2022 State of Value Stream Management Report

Plutora is proud to be a co-founding member of the VSM Consortium, an association dedicated to advancing value stream-centric ways of working in technology teams to…

Observability Pillar SRE

Observability, A Pillar of Site Reliability Engineering Explained

Observability is a crucial pillar of site reliability engineering (SRE) because it allows you to detect and diagnose issues as they happen and before they cause…

3-2-1 blast off! Plutora launches its new logo

Today, we’re launching a new logo as we continue to push Plutora to new heights. When we started the company, our name was in reference to…

Standardizing VSM

Standardizing VSM Tools and Practices – A Welcomed Effort

The recent announcement from OASIS OPEN, one of the most respected non-profit standards bodies in the world, that they are defining interoperability standards for value stream management…

Financial Fraud Detection

Top 7 Ways to Upgrade Your Organization’s Financial Fraud Detection

The idea of a scam compromising your finances or organization is unnerving for all, but it happens all too often, costing companies and consumers more than…

Consent Management Software

How Can Your Company Benefit from Consent Management Software?

When people use the internet, they are sharing data. In many cases, this data is personal, especially when they make online purchases, sign up on a…

Data Lake warehouse

Data Lake vs. Data Warehouse: Know the Difference

The software development industry is handling more data than years ago. This data is often the key driver for decision making. For instance, the larger the…

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