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Plutora Test Environment Management Update June 2013

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It is an exciting time at Plutora!

As environment issues in non-production environments can cause up to 40% of lost time on IT projects, our focus over the last month has continued to be on linking Test Environment Management Capability with Release Management Capability. Here’s what’s new with Plutora this month:

•    Release Manager – Stage Gate Approvals
•    Environment Manager – Environment Requests
•    Environment Manager – Visual Environment Allocation
•    Environment Manager – Configuration View

Release Management – Stage Gate Approvals

Plutora has always tracked the execution status of key activities and milestones during release execution. We have recently extended this tracking to include stage gates to enable you to easily define Entry Criteria, Exit Criteria and Approvers at key stages of the Release. Entry Criteria and Exit Criteria can be assigned to internal stakeholders or external suppliers for completion.

Test Environment Management – Environment Requests

Plutora now makes it easier for teams to raise environment requests and data refreshes through a central interface. No more spreadsheets, emails or SharePoint sites are required to ensure your environment is refreshed in preparation for your next phase of delivery. Plutora act as coordination centre between Test Environment Managers and stakeholders to track and broadcast when requests such as upgrades and refreshes have been completed.

Test Environment Management – Visual Environment Allocation

Plutora now provides you with a visual representation of Test Environment demands from all projects in your portfolio. All teams operate with a consistent up to date view of the environment demand function and the test environments that have been assigned to project phases. As always Plutora continues to clearly highlight all test environment contention across your IT portfolio

Test Environment Management – Configuration View

Looking for a solution which can help your manage the complex layers of configuration in your Test Environments? Plutora now enables Test Environment Managers to effectively manage all layers of configuration for both standalone and integrated environments over the lifecycle of projects.

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