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Release Manager

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What is Release Manager?

Release Manager is an all in one software tool that manages all aspects of the release management lifecycle. Release Manager enables teams at a portfolio and/or enterprise team level to enforce a repeatable release framework. With Release Manager users can architect, plan, coordinate and govern all aspects of the release management life-cycle.

What Makes Release Manager different to our competitors?

As a vendor, we don’t recognise we have any competitors who offer the breadth of functionality our tools provide. There a some large players which target the Release Management vertical but we believe these incumbents have very sub-standard offerings which have little relevant functionality to what the industry requires. Most of these incumbent vendors have tools which are just extensions of larger ITSM software packages (from what we can see these release management extensions where developed in order to receive ITIL certification).

Plutora Release Manager was developed with the intention to be the leading, fully fledged toolset for Release Managers. As it currently stands Plutora is the only vendor to provide a toolset which can be used to operate a release management function at an enterprise level.

Aligned to ITIL v3.

Release Manager is aligned to the ITIL v3 Release Management Process.  Click here for more information on the ITIL Release Management Processes:

Aligned to DevOps.

Release Manager aligns with the Planning & Collaboration processes of the DevOps methodology. Successfully implement DevOps using Release Manager to Plan Releases, build the release pipeline and release scope, handover deployment plans and run books to Ops and improve the collaboration between Dev and Ops.

Release Manager customisation.

Every aspect of Release Manager can be customised. Plutora has powerful admin customisation features that can be accessed by each site admin/s.


Probably one of the top 5 questions we get asked. Yes, Release Manager can be completely integrated into third-party systems. Our open API means we can integrate into the majority of larger vendor platforms. Our integrations to date include JIRA, Service-Now, IBM RTC, and Remedy.

Setting Up Release manager.

We have an easy to use setup wizard. By accessing the wizard users can follow step by step how to set up there first one or two releases. The wizard can be accessed at any time.

What deployment methods can release manager support.

By far the majority of our deployments is via SaaS due to the support and costs benefits. We can stand-up your Plutora Release Manager instance within a 24hr period.

Release Manager Roadmap.

We develop Release Manager on a 3 week release minor cycle and a 10-12 major release cycle.

Features which make it into Plutora’s development cycles are always based on the most pressing features requested by users. Our policy has always been to build out relevant functionality which users are asking for.

Requesting Release Manager features can easily be done via our support site. Our roadmap is also shared with our customers to keep them up-to date with what’s coming in the next release.

Release Manager Reporting capabilities.

As many Release Managers will know, there are not two organisations with the same reporting requirements when it comes to releases. We have a number of out of the box reports which are parametrized. Complex and more relevant reporting to your organisation is approached by the Plutora team working with your organisation to understand your requirements and subsequently developing fit for purpose reports which meet all requirements.

How much training does Release Manager require?

Release Manager was built by Release and Delivery professionals who intimately understand a life in the day of a Release Manager. This translated into a very intuitive user interface which user has told us is straightforward to learn. With that being said training at various levels is always requested.

We have 2 options:

  1. Plutora led training delivered either on-site or via webinar.
  2. Online video training using our setup videos. These are step by step videos on how to use plutora.


Click here to visit our Release Manager product page for more information and get start today with our 30-day free evaluation.