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Plutora Blog - Agile Release Management, Release Management, Test Case Management

Sneak peek into how we use Plutora & Stryka for Test Management

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At Plutora we develop products we’re very proud of. We use our tools daily and actively gather internal feedback on ideas to improve our feature set. We believe in giving our customers the best web app experience out there.

As our team grows and with the added logistics of our engineering and customer success teams being located across 3 continents we needed to make sure early on our tools met the scale challenges we faced. We need a tool to enable our evolving release and test processes and a tool which our development engineering factory actually wanted to use day in, day out.

We needed our tools to allow us to manage the following:

Core Functional Requirements:

  • Planning our releases
  • Manage our features
  • Manage our deployment plans
  • Manage our test cases
  • Allow us to report to give us a single view of quality across our releases.

Core Non-Functional Requirements

  • We needed a tool which could scale globally and be instantly accessible to our teams in Europe, USA and Australia.

In the coming months we will publish a blog post describing how our internal engineering teams perform release planning, manage test case execution and defect management.

Below is some photos of various Plutora engineering and product teams using our own tools, which we sell.

Come back soon for a indepth post on the lower level details of our development delivery process.

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