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DevOps Culture

You Can’t Have a True DevOps Culture Without Effective Release Management

While the DevOps movement and associated technologies have garnered much attention and fanfare, few have addressed the core issue—the handoff from development to operations. This blog…

Difference between release management and service management

What is the difference between Release Management and Service Management?

Service management implies IT Service Management or ITSM while release management is a whole different set of roles and responsibilities and it is a term that…

Plutora’s Real Benefit: Fewer Meetings

Plutora’s Real Benefit: Fewer Meetings

Release managers understand what it means to have a triple-booked Outlook calendar.  They have calendars subject to rapid last-minute changes as project timelines slip and environments…

release management at scale means integration with every tool

Release Management at Scale Means Integration with Every Tool

How many issue trackers does your organization run?  How about change management systems?  If you are a large organization, the answer’s probably more than a handful…

what is enterprise devops

What is Enterprise DevOps?

By now, most of us are familiar with what DevOps is — it’s a culture that brings people, processes, and product together to deliver quality software…