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18 Key Release Management Metrics

Every business needs to ensure cost-efficient and effective allocation of its resources, and one way to accomplish that is through metrics — measurements that help you…

How to Measure Release-related Downtime

How to Measure Release-related Downtime

Software releases are the single biggest factor contributing to downtime across all industries. Almost without exception whenever you hear of a high-profile outage with a bank…

ERM Brings It All Together: A Single Dashboard for Enterprise Release Status

ERM Brings It All Together: A Single Dashboard for Enterprise Release Status

Enterprise software development has undergone a dramatic transformation in the last decade as most companies have transitioned to more iterative, agile approaches to software delivery.  This…

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12 Essential Release Management Metrics

Previously on this blog, we’ve talked about how release-reporting metrics is an art rather than a science, and we’ve also outlined some core release metrics our…

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Test Environment Management Metrics

When it comes to testing and quality assurance, providing the right incentives and metrics is critical. Your release plan shouldn’t reward quality assurance and quality engineering…

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Release reporting metrics, it’s art rather than science

Release Reporting, the two words every Delivery and Release Manager dreed. The two words that senior management like CIO’sand CTO’s inquire about but your not sure…