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  • Rapise


    Rapise helps you test it all: web, mobile, desktop, & APIs. Rapise doesn’t just test, it understands. And it will help you manage tests spanning multiple technologies at once. The tool allows developers to import data from required applications and add multiple functions or manual steps in tests. Managers can add validations in object properties, the record performed actions in a unified database, and view/access them according to requirements. Supervisors can also integrate the platform with various third-party automated testing tools, such as Selenium WebDriver and Appium.

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  • Scribe


    Scribe is a knowledge-sharing platform that automatically creates step-by-step guides from a workflow you complete, converting your clicks and keystrokes into written steps and screenshots. Scribe allows you to share guides with individuals via a link, share with teams in a library, or embed in an existing wiki or help center.

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  • Kaholo


    Kaholo is a low-code IT workflow automation tool that enables any Developer to self-serve environments and automate their workflows faster without requiring time-consuming scripting and proprietary tool knowledge.

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  • Slab


    Slab provides a user-friendly platform for taking notes that can be arranged into topics and subtopics with the ability to include media and links within notes to create an easy way to author and share documentation with team members and clients. It also has an intuitive UI, solid integration list, and easy collaboration.

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  • Trainual


    Trainual records processes, policies, and procedures for different roles and responsibilities in the business and can be documented, organized, assignable, and searchable. It can be used as a training tool but also as a main source of reference and resources.

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  • Notion


    Notion is the all-in-one workspace that combines notes, docs, project management, and wikis — and makes them all customizable. This software, along with several more advanced features, can be enjoyed for free, making it an extremely accessible tool. An important aspect of this software is the ability to reference existing content within itself.

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  • Bloomfire


    Bloomfire is a secure knowledge engagement platform that allows teams to find information fast. Users can upload content in any format (including word documents, PDFs, videos, audio recordings, and slide decks) or create new content directly in the cloud-based platform. Bloomfire deep indexes every word in every file–including words spoken in videos.

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  • Guru


    Guru is one central repository for knowledge cards that allows creation, sharing, access, and updating information. It keeps data up-to-date using verification by a group or individual that owns or manages the knowledge. Guru provides search functions to find cards and add them to favorites. The tagging interface links cards from multiple collections into thematic groupings.

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  • Workplace

    Workplace from Facebook

    Workplace is a business communication tool from Facebook that helps your teams stay connected with familiar features like Live Video and Groups. Workplace also makes it easy to integrate with all your favorite tools like Office 365, Google Workspace, and ServiceNow, or you can build custom integrations to connect any other tools you rely on.

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  • is a tool for keeping track of tasks and managing projects with an extremely appealing and straightforward user interface. It’s available on iOS or Android phones, ensuring that you can switch from desktop to mobile while on the go without any issues. Its functionality scales well and can be used by individuals, small companies, or large organizations in equal measure. provides collaboration tools, documents, API notifications, and even file-sharing in an all-in-one inclusive solution.

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  • Google workspace

    Google Workspace

    Google Workspace includes all of the well-known productivity and collaboration tools like Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and many more. It connects teams and allows them to collaborate remotely while enabling them to easily manage files in the cloud to share with colleagues and clients.

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  • Cisco Jabber

    Cisco Jabber

    Cisco Jabber is an easy-to-use software enterprise for communication and collaboration needs. It provides services like VoIP, audio/video conferencing, instant messaging, and other internet-based telecommunication requirements. The application is intuitive, allowing new users to onboard quickly and without difficulty.

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