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  • Unleash


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  • Argonaut


    Deploy apps and infrastructure on your cloud in minutes. Support for custom and third-party app deployments on Kubernetes and Lambda environments. Argonaut immensely benefits high-growth startup teams building cloud-first applications. Argonaut’s users save weeks’ worth of infrastructure setup time and tens of thousands of dollars on infrastructure maintenance costs.

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  • CloudSmith


    Cloudsmith is the only cloud-native package management platform for software engineers looking to set up a secure, cloud-native artifact repository in 60 seconds. Cloudsmith offers support for 28+ package formats, has 225 points of presence, and integrates with all of the tools you already use and love – from CI/CD to observability. When it comes to securing your software supply chain in the Cloud, we’ve got you covered.

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  • Amazon ECR

    Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR)

    Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) is a Docker container registry that allows developers to store, manage, and deploy Docker container images. Amazon ECR is integrated with Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS), to simplify the development to production workflow. It has a variety of tests available at a local level when working with image development couplers for error testing and detection of anomalies.

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  • ProGet


    ProGet can centralize your organization’s software applications and components to provide uniform access to developers and servers, no matter where they are in your network.  ProGet has features that use Universal Packages to uniformly distribute your applications and components, as well as Docker images for your containerized software. It also manages multiple versions of your packages when you are developing internal libraries that are used inside your company.

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  • solarwinds


    SolarWinds is a network automation tool designed to manage configurations on network devices such as routers, switches, and firewalls. It helps users to schedule automatic backup activities and roll out configuration changes to multiple devices at the same time. Especially recommended for companies that have several different locations thanks to its monitoring and maintenance capabilities.

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  • Flosum


    Flosum is a native DevOps solution that handles the development lifecycle including merging components, version control, continuous deployments, static code analysis, user story management, and regression testing. Flosum works together with Salesforce to identify changes in a particular component.

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  • Code Fresh


    Codefresh is an enterprise continuous delivery platform for cloud-native applications. It automates GitOps workflows and advanced deployments such as Canary and Blue/Green. The first-class Kubernetes integration makes it easier to adopt a “per branch” continuous delivery deployment. This powerful feature can be leveraged together with the templating features and pipeline variables to really standardize and simplify CI/CD across an organization.

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  • Launch Darkly

    Launch Darkly

    LaunchDarkly is a feature management application that enables teams to deploy code at any time, even if a feature isn’t ready to be released to all users. Wrapping code with feature flags allows for testing features and infrastructure, without impacting the wrong users. It’s especially good for development purposes in case any feature needs to be toggled on/off.

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  • Harness


    Harness Continuous Delivery is a software delivery solution that automatically deploys, verifies, and rolls back artifacts. You can leverage automated canary and blue-green deployments for faster, safer, and more efficient rollouts. Additionally, you have the option to automatically roll back to a previous version when bad deployments are detected by applying machine learning to data and logs from observability solutions.

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  • JFrog Artifactory

    JFrog Artifactory

    As the world’s first universal repository, JFrog Artifactory is the mission-critical heart of the JFrog Platform functioning as the single source of truth for all packages, container images and Helm charts, as they move across the entire DevOps pipeline.

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  • package-cloud

    Packagecloud is a universal cloud-based package manager that enables users to securely store and distribute software packages in a reliable and scalable method without owning any infrastructure. Packagecloud offers support to package library storage and distribution for all major flavors of Linux, programming languages, and miscellaneous artifacts. It seamlessly integrates with all major build tools and CI/CD tools

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