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  • Easypanel


    Easypanel is a modern server control panel that uses Docker under the hood. You can think of it as “self-hosted Heroku”. It helps you deploy Node.js, Ruby, Python, PHP, Go and Java applications.

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  • FusionReactor APM

    FusionReactor APM

    FusionReactor finds bottlenecks in your code and database to make Java or ColdFusion applications run more efficiently. The integrated debugger helps find bugs and alleviate technical debt. FusionReactor also monitors apps and databases so that when an error fires, the automatic root cause analysis will trigger and send details of where the error occurred.

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  • PRTG Network Monitor

    PRTG Network Monitor

    PRTG monitors all of the systems, devices, traffic, and applications of your IT infrastructure using technologies like SNMP (ready to use and custom options), WMI – Windows Performance Counters, and SSH (Linux/Unix and macOS). It provides an alert system that can be configured on email and SMS.

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  • Centreon


    Centreon is an open-source IT monitoring solution based on industry standards. It covers all infrastructure-related issues, including new cloud technologies like AIOps. Centreon also has the feature to monitor service with different angles, like service on the machine/port/result of a request, and supports cloud augmented architecture.

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  • Netreo


    Netreo is an IT Operations full-stack monitoring and AIOps company. They provide a platform for performance and availability monitoring for large enterprise networks, infrastructure, applications, and business services. The auto-refresh functionality is useful when you want to keep a window or tab open, but not worry about missing something. It also has a feature for configuration backup and auto incident resolution.

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  • LogicMonitor


    LogicMonitor possesses an inbuilt AI to detect anomalies and alert you on any range of issues. It monitors applications performance, website metrics, and advanced statistics, as well as the hardware that underlies those services, enabling the development of custom collectors to monitor specific company KPIs.

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  • Google Kubernetes Engine

    Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

    GKE can deploy, manage, and scale containerized applications that are powered by Kubernetes. It can also integrate seamlessly with the build process from application to Docker to registry to Kubernetes. The ability to build and attach multiple node pools to clusters is a useful feature that makes GKE stand out from other managed Kubernetes service providers.

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    Portainer is a centralized service delivery platform for containerized apps. It allows users  to reconfigure the running service on the fly by changing environment variables, mount points, and constraints directly from the Web. This platform offers simplified solutions for easy container management and can quickly generate various reports.

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    Mirantis Kubernetes Engine

    Mirantis provides quick and easy installation and configuration, as well as great flexibility for managing the cluster. It also facilitates application deployment, updates, and management and has very handy features, such as operating multi-tenant environments and separating cluster resources. It has excellent node configuration and autoscaling options, plus worker nodes that can run on operating systems such as Linux or Windows Server.

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  • IBM Cloud Virtual Server

    IBM Cloud Virtual Server

    IBM Cloud virtual server environments are cloud-native solutions that work across public, private, and hybrid deployments. They deliver cost savings, control, and visibility with flexible provisioning and pricing options, including single and multi-tenant environments, hourly and monthly pricing, reserved capacity terms, and spot billing.

  • Alibaba Cloud

    Alibaba Elastic Compute Service

    Alibaba Elastic Compute Service is an IaaS that offers a wide variety of regions, with a particular focus on Asia. By default, it supports Anti-DDoS protection to safeguard data and applications from DDoS and Trojan attacks. The prices are highly competitive and you can leverage the benefit of OP-EX pricing by paying based on usage.

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  • linode


    Linode is a service that provides organizations with Linux virtual private servers with a substantial number of Linux distributions that can be installed officially and others that are community-supported. Their infrastructure-as-a-service platform is supported by next-generation networks, advanced APIs, comprehensive services, and a library of educational resources.

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