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Every year we meet to talk about the challenges of complex software delivery and the power of value stream management to solve them.

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Share your experience

Top enterprise IT leaders share their experiences and present their use cases of solving challenges in complex software delivery processes. 

Exclusive networking

Connect with IT leaders, top industry analysts and the Plutora team. Learn how organizations are driving their digital transformation journeys.

Value stream management

Discuss the power of value stream management in software delivery. Learn how you can reduce the time to value, managing from idea to production effectively and with complete visibility.

Plutora platform evolution

Learn how other enterprises are using Plutora for their digital transformations, get a roadmap of the platform, and share feedback to keep improving.

Plutora Connect 2019

What Plutora Connect 2019 attendees say

Release Managemnet

“I can say without hesitation that this one was my number one event! To finally be in a room with people that understand our plight and that have either been or are heading down the same path as we are was incredible!”

Deployment Planning

“Not on an island anymore! Nice to be in a room with peers who have experienced, or are experiencing the same challenges.”

“It was really nice to hear from other Plutora users. This gave me some new insights as to how to use the differing objects in Plutora, and how they could be extended for more coverage.”

value stream management icon

“Was very informative and enlightening to see how other customers have gone down the VSM path.”

Customer stories and top analyst sessions

As a Principal Analyst at Forrester, Chris Condo provides a customer-focused perspective on the position and impact of VSM in the industry.

Chris Condo, Forrester

Lilly logo

Marvin shares the Lilly digital transformation story and addresses questions surrounding value stream management.

Marvin Stigter, Lilly

We look forward to seeing you at Plutora Connect 2021

We are preparing a new version of Plutora Connect for 2021.
Please contact your solution consultant to learn more.