Test Environment Management ROI Calculator

Managing your pre-production environments with Plutora brings different benefits to the software delivery process, such as automation, visibility, efficiency, and reducing time to value.

To get a better understanding of the monetary value of these benefits we did research together with EMA (Enterprise Management Associates) to calculate the ROI of effective test environment management with Plutora and created this calculator.

Test Environment ROI Calculator

Calculate the ROI of Plutora
for Test Environment Management

Minor and major software releases per year

Developers, Managers and Test Engineers involved in the releases

Average cost of resource per year (Dev, Manager, Testing)

How many people work in the organization

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Breakeven Point

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Projected Savings Per Year

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How the ROI is calculated

48% is Accelerating Application Development

Speed up your software delivery processes by having pre-production environments available at the right moment for your developers and testers.

21% is Environment Management Headcount Reductions

Increase the efficiency of your team to manage more work with automation and workflows.

17% is Improved Application Quality

Increase testing team efficiency and create gates and workflows to ensure product quality.

11% is Faster Provisioning of Environments

Automate the provisioning of environments with scripts and tool integrations like Jenkins.

3% is Optimizing Environment Use

Know exactly how many environments you need and how many you are using at any given moment.

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