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Software Delivery Intelligence

Visualize your Value Stream

Plutora is your single source of truth for visualizing and managing application delivery. Real-time metrics and toolchain integrations improve velocity, quality and efficiency while ensuring alignment with the business. Role-based visualizations provide insights from inception to delivery across the entire portfolio. Explore the interactive demo arrow

Role-based Summaries

Extensible top level KPIs and information specific to each role and management level. For example, get a quick view of releases, environment allocations, or deployments.

Epics, Features and Support Issues

See what’s currently being worked on across the portfolio. Drill down to get more details on individual features and issues.

Real-time Efficiency Metrics

Keep a running tally on efficiency metrics. Tailor the projects, teams or releases to watch.

Developer Activity

Watch check-in progress for a rolling time period. File change counts are often early indicators of risk or further investigation required.

Build / Deployment Activity

Watch deployment activity for a rolling time period. Include build information and status.

Test Metrics

Incorporate automated and manual test metrics across the delivery pipeline for real-time analysis of quality.

Production Incidents

Evaluate production stability and incidents to focus development efforts.

Value Stream Mapping

Compare cycle time vs wait time visualizing areas for improvement.

Release Oriented Kanban Style Board

Track and manage epics, features and issues utilizing a Kanban style board.

Interactive Items

Drill into each item connecting to the native systems.

Track Release Queue

Get a high-level view of planned releases

Track Change Backlog

See an interactive summary of the backlog

Track Release Progress

Summary of releases by stage

Customizable Dashboards

Define any number of interactive, role-specific dashboards

Actionable Dashboards

Interconnect Plutora with your entire toolchain with customizable dashboard launchpads.

Software Delivery Time To Value Dashboard