Don’t just deliver software. Deliver it better every time.

See a complete view of what’s hampering your development processes so you can drive improvements

Track defects and incidents to see what’s impacting your software delivery process

Post-Implementation Reviews (PIRs) allow your teams to discuss and learn from their mistakes, so they will not repeat them.

Know where problems originate within your portfolio

  • Quickly see where defects are occurring across your portfolio.
  • Know which applications are having the most challenges.

View which delivery challenges are most common for your teams

  • Easily see the problems your teams are experiencing most often so you can lead improvements.
  • Track defects, incidents and more.

Pinpoint challenges within the organization with categorization features

  • Learn which parts of the organization need additional training or support.

Gain insight into process gaps

  • Connect issues to different themes and track resolution over time.
  • Get to the bottom of what parts of the development process need attention.

Manage all your post implementation reviews in a single dashboard

View Impacts, Actions, Root Causes, and Preventative Measures in the PIR Manager page:


Clearly see what’s driving defects and incidents, and solve your software delivery challenges. 

Enabling PIR for releases ensures that your teams don’t keep experiencing the same challenges over and over. Embrace continuous improvement with PIR tracking of indidnets and defects.