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Plutora integration with Jira Software

Jira and release scope managing within Plutora

Continuous Integration emphasizes test execution early and often, providing rapid feedback to development teams for each new code commit. Test tools often lack the automation required for effective shift-left testing, which means developers lose valuable time waiting on test results and failure details. As release velocity increases and complexity grows, there is no longer time for manual correlation of fast-moving development and test activities.

Jira integration feeds defects and user stories into Plutora Release, where release managers view consolidated status and interdependencies of complex releases at enterprise scale.

Integration Benefits

  • Centrally view defect backlog and pace of completion
  • Actively manage release scope to meet project deadlines
  • Consolidate reporting of multiple CI pipelines

Release visibility using Jira Integration

Visibility of Continuous Integration workflows

CI workflow data can be pushed further down the DevOps pipeline to enhance visibility and management of the release process within Plutora Release. As developers manage backlog within Jira, release managers leverage detailed dashboards to view burndown rates, extract schedule dependencies, perform impact analysis, and more.

Actively manage release scope

Integration with Plutora Release gives release managers line of site to requirements stored in Jira repositories. Reporting and analytics highlight timelines and constraints associated with planned delivery items. Release managers can actively manage project scope by accessing and assigning Jira user stories to specific releases without disrupting product, dev, or test teams

Jira Integration with Plutora
Real-time QA reporting in Plutora Release

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