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Metrics Driven Outcomes

Enterprise System of Insight

Aggregate release, quality, and deployment data to transform the way application delivery teams solve problems, make decisions, and measure results. Data analytics and visualization turn structured data into rich, contextual insights.

release orchestration

From concept to customer, what unites and empowers dev, ops, and business teams as they embrace software driven innovation? Belief in continuous improvement. But you can’t improve if you don’t measure. Data is a competitive advantage when constant learning and sharing of knowledge achieves a common goal.

Achieve disciplined DevOps with Plutora Analytics, powered by Tableau.

  • Focus on outcomes and leading indicators to evaluate IT performance
  • Connect islands of automation with a common repository of time-based portfolio-wide datasets
  • Support localized decisions within the broader context of global measurements

Evaluate KPIs of your digital transformation

  • Report out on organizational performance such as increased business value delivered
  • Articulate achievements in software quality goals and reduced risk of release failures
  • Monitor improvements in deployment frequency
  • Assess lead time for change and velocity trends
Plutora Analytics Story Dashboard
Plutora Analytics Stories

For continuous improvement, the data will show you the way

  • Access comprehensive datasets and time-based metrics to solve problems and turn opportunity into reality
  • Pull in escaped defect data and identify release variables that predict release success/failure
  • Support decentralized decisions and facilitate more effective Post Implementation Reviews
  • Correlate major release themes with consolidated portfolio-level data

Discover, correlate, predict

  • Consolidate thousands of data points with complex interdependencies for ongoing evaluation of iterative changes
  • Drive informed decision-making with statistical analysis and predictive modeling
  • Ensure local optimization hasn’t created global degradation
  • Correlate people, processes, and data to spot trends and identify outliers
release orchestration

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