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Plutora Deploy – Enterprise Cutover Orchestration

Plutora Deploy - Enterprise Cutover Orchestration

Simplify Planning and Orchestration of Enterprise Cutover Activities

Predictable Orchestration for Complex Cutover Made Simple

Plutora Deploy manages the planning, execution, and tracking of cutover related activities reducing risk, improving throughput, visibility and audit trails. By providing stakeholders with a collaborative environment, manual and automated deployment activities can be practiced and orchestrated in the exact sequence independent of geography, vendor status or level of automation. Dashboards and notifications automatically track task progress and dependencies enabling real-time analytics and compliance auditing. Iterative improvements to each plan practiced or executed are rolled into plan templates to be utilized for future deployments further reducing risk and improving predictability.

Enterprise Cutover Orchestration - Diagram

Single source of truth for cutover orchestration

Enterprise Cutover Orchestration - Reporting

  • Visibility
  • Collaboration
  • Efficiency
  • Predictability

Cutover with confidence, manage with ease

Orchestrate Planning, Rehearsal, and Execution

Dramatically reduce the time spent creating and approving deployment plans. Use a SaaS-based solution for collaborative planning, approval, rehearsal and execution regardless of the geographic location and deployment complexity. Dependent and independent child plans can be managed by disparate teams and connected into the master deployment plan. Plutora Deploy Command Center and Activity Sets allow for instant and customizable visibility to what matters to executives, stakeholders, specialists and vendor teams eliminating manual communications.

Enhanced Risk Reduction

Plutora Deploy enables cross-geographic collaborative planning, approval and rehearsal which allows each task, contingency and segment of the deployment plan to be fine-tuned. By simplifying the management, teams focus on execution and failure planning significantly minimizing risk to operational outages and ensuring complete regulatory compliance.

Improved Efficiency & Agility

With enhanced collaborative planning, direct integration with automation scripts to multiple platforms, reduced communication wait-time, and decreased execution timelines, Plutora Deploy increases your deployment efficiency and agility allowing for an improved speed of delivery and organizational throughput. Import your existing deployment plans and start managing cutover plans quickly.

Increased Collaboration

Get all of your stakeholders on the same page and eliminate wait time due to communication issues. The RACI matrix enables communication assignment for each segment of the deployment. Responsible participants interact using their own view in Plutora Deploy or via email responses.

Unprecedented Deploy Visibility

Plutora Deploy provides an unprecedented level of visibility of the planning, rehearsal, and execution of enterprise deployment activities. The master deployment plan is combined with child plans –
each having activities, checkpoints and issues unifying all aspects of cutover. The Command Center shows real-time cutover progress with drill down into each step.

Task Library and Forensic Archives

Audit History contains a searchable history of the events and updates associated with every step. Data analytics and black box system of record drive continuous operational improvement and meet the forensic needs of audit and compliance functions. Iteratively improved and approved plans are stored in the Deployment Plan Library to be used as templates in future deployments ensuring compliance.

Plutora Enterprise Cutover Orchestration -  Command Center Command Center Plutora Deployment Tool Library Deployment Library Plutora Deployment Tool Schedule Deployment Schedule Plutora Deployment Overview Deployment Info Plutora Deployment Tool Schedule Deployment Schedule

A deployment tool for all your enterprise needs


Deployment Plan

Get a single view of all deployment activities, milestones and issues.


Command Center

Get an executive view of the overall health of a Master Deployment Plan including Checkpoints, Issues, and Activities.


Deployment Schedule

Get a live-updating timeline of all the Projects (Child Releases) belonging to a parent Enterprise Release.

Activity by Status

See a real-time view of all the systems associated with a Release during cutover.

They’re getting results

The world’s most demanding enterprise teams trust Plutora with their deployment management


Health Care

“Plutora is now our single system of record. Before, release data was scattered across the enterprise.”



“I can save 50–70% of my time by looking at Plutora’s comments module instead of emails. It’s awesome.”

Improve your deployment management today

Bring much-needed confidence to your deployment management with Plutora.