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Next-Gen Deployment Tool Features

Plutora Deploy manages the planning, execution, and tracking of cutover related activities reducing risk, improving throughput, visibility and audit trails.

Plutora Deploy - Deployment Plan Library

Plan & Orchestrate Deployment Activities

Orchestrating a cross-geographical deploy plan with enterprise level complexities, has never been so easy. Improved visibility at all levels of the cutover plan, via in-app queues, real time email and SMS notifications, allow for faster deployment approval timelines, more efficient rehearsals and a higher level of confidence in successful RunBook executions.

Command Center

Command Center provides online war room real-time telemetry so executives, and stakeholders instantly know the status of checkpoints during deployment plan rehearsals and execution without needing them to be on a live call.

Plutora Deploy - Deployment Command Center
Plutora Deploy - Activity Sets

Activity Sets

Activity sets is a feature that provides cross-team visibility of key events selected by the user, to mitigate issues with getting accurate and timely updates that don’t impede successful RunBook activities. This allows you to track tasks performed by another team or set of teams, so you can prepare and engage your team in a timely manner.

Dependent/Child-Plan Management

Teams can easily create and manage their own specific segments of the cutover. These child-plans can then be selected from a built-in library and incorporated into your Master Plans. This allows each team to rehearse, refine, and perfect their tasks and respective child-plans in preparation for, and the execution of go-live deployments.

Plutora Deploy - Dependent/Child-Plan Management
Plutora Deploy - Checkpoints


Checkpoints allow users to define, schedule and record leading questions that highlight potential risks to on-time completion and overall deployment health. This can be used to trigger offline system migration, as a reminder to pay attention to certain details, or much more.


Users can raise issues that have occurred during a deployment such as a failed task, the need to address hardware configuration, or unexpected results. Plutora Deploy allows for quicker incident identification, communication to the respective teams and resolutions, which results in a quicker return to BAU.

Plutora Deploy Issues
Plutora Deploy - Approvals and notifications

Approvals and Notifications

The built-in responsibility assignment matrix (RACI) support ensures that in the event of an issue, or upon completion of a specific event, the respective team receive a dynamically triggered email or SMS notification allowing them to react quickly to insure timely execution of events.

Forensic Archives / Audit Trail

Every cutover plan execution is recorded with a black box system of record providing an auditable forensic history of events and updates. This is critical for post-execution learning, iterative improvements, governance, and regulatory compliance.

Plutora Deploy - History
Plutora Deploy - Integrations

Human and Automated Tasks

Plutora Deploy integrates to your favorite release automation, task automation, configuration management and testing automation tools. This level of system connectivity and automation can significantly streamline execution of selected segments of your deploy plans.

Import / Export

Streamline Deploy Plan creation by importing a pre-existing plan from Microsoft Excel. Export plans, activities, and schedules to a Microsoft Excel file for offline discussions with stakeholders, team members, consultants and suppliers that are integral to the execution and success of your deploy plan.

Plutora Deploy - Excel Export

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