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Test Environments Allocation

Increase visibility and control with centralized scheduling and a robust booking engine

Efficient Test Environment - Schedule

When quality teams must deal with hundreds or even thousands of test environments, allocation and tracking with manual processes and spreadsheets is slow and error-prone. Scheduling kinks are compounded by interdependencies between enterprise applications. The mix of on-prem, cloud, and hybrid architectures further complicate managing and planning.

Plutora Environments increases utilization and throughput with centralized scheduling and a robust booking engine.

  • Unify self-service booking requests for the entire release portfolio.
  • Identify scheduling conflicts that limit productivity.
  • React quickly to outages and project rescheduling.
  • Get a graphical view of system dependencies and cross-project relationships.
  • Integrate with release planning for improved coordination.
  • Schedule downtime and maintenance periods to increase availability of test systems.
efficient test environment

Self-service booking engine

  • Book an environment and associate with a release.
  • Optionally pull in booking requests from ServiceNow.
  • Quickly search entire environment inventory.
  • Select by individual environments or environment groups.
  • Easily drag and drop environments into release phases.
  • View approval status and potential conflicts with other project or releases.
  • Add comments, attach documents, or link to change IDs for reference.

Manage booking approvals

  • Create workflow components, sequence, and approval process.
  • Define role-based permissions and assignments.
  • Define stakeholder roles and RACI matrix for tasks and automated notifications.
  • Flexible filtering lets you search for releases in your portfolio or where you are a stakeholder.
efficient test environment
efficient test environment

Identify system dependencies

  • Graphical view of environments and associated releases.
  • Track dependencies based on code implementation or downstream regression verification.
  • Centrally define test environment relationships, including child associations.

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