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Plutora Environments

Plutora Environment Management Tool Features

Plutora Environments is a complete pre-production environment management solution for large enterprises. It gives internal and external environment teams one place to collaborate on and view environment bookings, configurations, and conflicts.

Plutora Environments - Request and Change

Environment Request and Change

Schedule environments as booking or change requests – based on availability and configuration – to match release plans and view environment requests over time to assess team productivity.

Environment Schedule

Plan environment landscape capacity to trade off cost and availability and forecast environment costs and cross-charge project teams for actual environment usage.

Plutora Environments - Environment Schedule
Plutora Environments - Environment Schedule Detail
Plutora Environments - Environments Matrix

Environment Impact Matrix

Avoid collisions in environment pools and assess levels of usage to identify under-utilized environments, then refresh and reuse them.

Expedite the handoff of new code from dev to test

Don’t make fast moving test teams wait for a test environment to become available. Plutora links Jenkins jobs to test environments, where a build can be triggered on-demand to expedite the handoff of new code from dev into test environments. New builds automatically link back to original change IDs, helping test teams quickly associate new code commits with appropriate test plans.

Plutora Environments - Continuous Delivery Pipeline
Plutora Environments - Continuous Delivery Pipeline environment

Environments Map

Get a visual view of environment groups to understand the relationships between systems when making changes. Getting visibility into the full configuration of all environments: server details, database, application, and OS.

Plutora Environments - Environments Map
Plutora Environments - Environments Stack
Plutora Environments - Systems
Plutora Environments - System definition

Systems Management

Manage systems and build environments to keep up with business needs and track configuration from the get-go.

Set up notifications for stakeholders to notify them when environments are requested, modified, allocated, or decommissioned.

Integrations and Automation

Enable operations teams to integrate with ITSM tools such as ServiceNow or BMC Remedy and with build automation tools such as Jenkins.

Plutora Environments - Environments Group
Plutora Environments - Integrations

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