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Plutora Release

Plutora Release Management Software Features

Plutora Release is a SaaS solution that manages software delivery across the entire enterprise release portfolio and throughout the complete lifecycle of each release including planning, approval and execution.

Auto-sync tools of choice

Delivery teams use many specialized tools for dev, test, project management, and ITSM. Plutora Release auto-syncs with disparate tools to aggregate all release, test, and quality data no matter which development methodology is in place.

release management software - diagram
Plutora Release Calendar
Plutora Release Calendar Year

Align teams with a centralized release calendar

The Plutora release calendar centralizes delivery timelines, events, and block-out periods for code or system freezes. Business, dev, test, release, and ops teams stay aligned using filterable views and custom queries from the same interactive calendar.

Maintain traceability and governance

Plutora Release establishes traceability of release artifacts within and across projects and maintains a full audit history of project changes to ensure regulatory compliance. Define the release plan phases, approval gates, and milestones to enforce policy and governance.

Release Schedule
Release Gates and Approvals
Plutora Release Management Software Insights

Actionable reporting and analytics across projects

Dashboard views with drill-down navigation provide end to end visibility and actionable insight of the release pipeline for independent releases, projects, or complete enterprise portfolio. Keep stakeholders informed with automated report publishing.

Manage project scope

Risk mitigation may require adjustments in functionality to meet project deadlines. Actively manage project scope by assigning user stories and associated dev and test workflows to specific releases.

Plutora Release Listing
Plutora Release Stats
Plutora Release - System Impact Matrix
Plutora Release - Reporting

Track system dependencies

Complex releases touch many projects, with multiple system dependencies for code implementations or downstream regression verification. View the nature and extent of all systems impacted by a release with an easy to read heat map or chart.

Assess deployment plan health and status

Centrally view activity and deployment status for any project in the portfolio. Drill down on individual deployment plans for summarized reporting of pending/completed/overdue activities as well as planned vs actual schedule.

Deployment Library
Deployment Library

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