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Software Release Quality and Compliance

Quality controls to preserve application integrity and ensure compliance is in lock step with DevOps velocity

Software Quality Assurance

Coordinating enterprise release trains requires balancing the pace of change with the controls needed for application health and stability.  An inability to enforce quality controls or maintain compliance results in release failures that impact revenues and reputation.

Plutora Release establishes quality controls to preserve application integrity and ensure compliance is in lockstep with DevOps velocity.

  • Maintain quality governance with gated criteria for each release phase.
  • Assess risk with trending data and defect metrics for individual projects or in the context of a heterogenous application stack.
  • Automatically create an auditable history of change to prove compliance within and across projects.
  • Integration with specialized delivery team tools ensures compliance traceability from original business requirements to production release.
Release Orchestration Tools

Enforce policy and apply governance

  • Define repeatable release plan phases and quality gates.
  • Establish approval policies and associated workflows.
  • Trigger automated notifications of due dates or missed deadlines.

Reporting and risk assessment

  • Consolidate release, test, and quality data with centralized dashboards and trending application quality metrics.
  • Drill-down navigation provides visibility of quality risks and actionable insight.
  • Facilitate Post Implementation Reviews to support continuous improvement.
Software Quality Assurance
Software Quality Assurance

Maintain traceability and compliance while accelerating change

  • Establish traceability of release artifacts within and across projects.
  • Preserve a full audit history of project changes.
  • Involve compliance teams in defining release activities.

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