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Plutora Test

Modern Test Management and Test Analytics

Centralize test assets and metrics into a single planning, tracking, execution and analytics hub for Waterfall to Agile and DevOps teams. Ensure proper test coverage spanning all types of testing. Utilize first of its kind analytics for test activities and metrics to induce quality at every stage of the delivery pipeline.

Why top enterprises are using Plutora Test

Quality Across the Entire Delivery Pipeline

Utilize metrics to influence quality from inception to delivery. Understand risk areas and where to focus testing efforts creating defects and non-functional requirements. Enable business users to work directly in Plutora Test for exploratory and end user testing.

Complete Test Management

Manage requirements, test planning, test execution, defects and collaboration in a single cloud-based instance. Includes support for automated, traditional, unit, integration, regression and exploratory testing.

Support Waterfall to Agile and DevOps

Individual project customizations ensure data and workflows match each team’s methodologies. Roll up results in aggregated reports and analytics that span projects.

Create a culture of relentless improvement

Plutora Analytics aggregates quality stats with release and deployment data to transform the way application delivery teams solve problems and make decisions. Discover, correlate, and predict with a comprehensive system of insight that provides contextual analysis and global measurements.

Improve Collaboration and Efficiency

Spend more time focused on testing and guiding quality efforts. Centralize test artifacts, execution of automated and manual tests and integrate with developer tools and test tools such as screen capture. Collaborate using the Comment Stream feature eliminating the need to jump over to email.

Test anywhere and everywhere

Works on desktops, phones, tablets and even the iWatch. The user experience is simple enough to involve non-testers directly. Involve geographically dispersed teams without creating unnatural network connections.

Organize and control your test process

Manage, design and get real-time execution tracking of your testing activities

  • Organize and share all aspects of the test plan, artifacts, test cases into a single globally available cloud-based repository.
  • Track execution real-time with comprehensive metrics, interactive dashboards and leaderboards. Track progress on desktop, mobile and iWatch.
  • Automated notifications keep stakeholders up to date with distributed static snapshots or interactive dashboards.

Manage requirements and ensure test coverage

Synchronized requirements with dev tools ensure both dev and test are working toward the same goals. Manage the testing activities against those requirements to ensure proper coverage. Utilize the interactive Requirements Traceability Matrix to visualize the mapping of defects-tests-requirements and the overall progress of the testing effort.

One tool that covers your entire test process

Stop switching between tools to test – execute them directly without leaving the UI. Stop wasting time compiling results in Excel. Plutora Test is your central hub for all testing activities including manual, automated, unit tests, regression, exploratory and more. Results are automatically compiled across projects and available for analytics.

Complete integration into your existing toolchains

Integrate with industry leading test automation, unit test frameworks, agile project management, ALM tools, CI / CD servers, API tools, performance tools, and much more. Utilize your current library of tools today but have available new technologies such as Cucumber, Selenium, and Gherkin for the next generation of testing.

Plutora Test is the best alternative for HP Quality Center

Legacy test management tools like HP Quality Center are weighing you down. They’re expensive, clunky, and hold up the velocity of Agile and DevOps-focused teams choking your testing efficiency. You’d like to move to a better solution but feel stuck.

Plutora Test is THE solution having many successful upgrades from HP QC while preserving the connection to existing test automation tools.

Isn’t it time you gave it a try? You’ll be amazed how much better software testing can be.

Real-Time Reporting & Test Analytics

Plutora Test provides teams with real-time reporting and test analytics that help provide a greater level of visibility into your testing processes.

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